When Kenzo Jo developed this loom several years ago, he upgraded and improved on the already amazing SAORI SX60 loom!

The most noticeable difference is the loom frame, crafted from beautiful Japanese cherry wood, which will darken and age with time.

He also made modifications to improve on the built-in bobbin winder, and made the shuttle race wider.

Kenzo-san changed the braking system to a friction brake—which is easy to maintain, and allows you to advance the warp while remaining seated.

Keeping the amazing folding design, the loom takes up very little real estate in your home. Weighing in at just under 30 lbs., it is very easy to move and transport.

​Loom dimensions:

Width: 30"

Depth: 30"

Depth when folded: 10"

Height: 39"

Height when folded: 42"

Weight: 29.8 lb.

Weaving Width: 23"

​Accessories included:

1 reed (5 dents/cm=12 dents/inch)

2 harnesses (incl. 400 wire heddles)

4 harness cord stoppers

1 medium- size boat shuttle

15 bobbins

1 built-in bobbin winder

1 built-in warp control pedal

1 reed hook

1 heddle hook

1 clipping tie rod with cords

1 tying rod with cords

1 pre-warp (150 threads x 6.5 yds)

The loom arrives in a "kit" with clear instructions (in English) and diagrams to assemble your loom to begin weaving within hours!

Tools required:

  • adjustable wrench

  • phillips screwdriver

  • hammer

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