SAORI Shuttles

SAORI Shuttles

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S — Small

The smallest boat shuttle. Use with Short bobbins. 
Size: Length 24 cm × width 3.5 cm × height 2 cm 
Weight: 60 g

M — Medium

The most standard shuttle. Use with Medium bobbins. 
Size: Length 34 cm × width 4 cm × height 3 cm 
Weight: 140 g

ML — Medium Light-Weight

Although it is the same size as the Medium shuttle, it’s 40% lighter. Use with Medium bobbins.
Size: Length 34 cm × width 4 cm × height 3 cm 
Weight: 100 g

XL — Large

The same weight as the Medium shuttle, but holds about 2.5 times more weft threads.
Useful when weaving with wide weft yarns. Use together with Long bobbins. 
Size: Length 41.5 cm × width 5 cm × height 3.6 cm 
Weight: 140 g

NS — No Spindle Shuttle

This boat shuttle does not have a spindle. The holes are large and easy to thread. Just insert the medium-sized bobbins into the slot. Designed with small children in mind, because it is easy to handle.

If you put the bobbin in and out of the hole on the bottom, you can replace the bobbin without cutting the thread. I'm glad you want to change the yarn to weave :)
Use with Medium bobbins (with or without flanges).
Size: Length 29.5 cm × width 4.2 cm × height 3 cm

Weight: about 100 g

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