SAORI Inside Set for the 60 Series Looms

SAORI Inside Set for the 60 Series Looms


The SAORI Inside Set is one of many unique and ingenious features that makes the SAORI loom so amazing!

The SAOI Inside Set allows you to:

  • switch out a project while still in progress to work on something else

  • share the loom with other members of your family (you can have your weaving on one inside set, family members can freely weave on another)

  • have a 20m black cotton or wool warp on one inside set, and your own wound warp on a second!

The SAORI Inside Set includes:

  • 2 harnesses (each with 210 heddles and bold holes)

  • 1 reed (please specify the cm/dent when ordering)

  • 1 warp extension tube kit with cardboard tube, pair of cords, and clipping rod

Fits all 60 Series Looms: CH, SX, WX

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