SAORI Cone Winding Tool

SAORI Cone Winding Tool


The SAORI Cone Winding Tool fits right on the built-in bobbin winder. You can still wind bobbins with the Cone Winding Tool in place.

The Cone Winding Tool allows you to create unique, one-of-a-kind yarns by winding multiple yarns together at the same time.

Before I purchased this tool, every time I wound multiple yarns together on a bobbin, they would wind at different tensions. Then when I threw the shuttle, the bobbin would catch and jam; or one yarn would be really loose. With the Cone Winding Tool, I no longer have that problem!

It's so fun to wind yarns of different colors, textures, and fibers to create something really unique for my SAORI weaving! In fact, it's quite addicting!

Fits all models of SAORI looms, including the Piccolo! Comes with one cardboard cone.

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