SAORI Clipping Rod

SAORI Clipping Rod


Another ingenious invention of Kenzo Jo! No more tying! Lay the warp ends over the rod, insert the wedge into the clipping rod, roll up and set into the plastic tubes. That's it--and you're ready to weave!

The clipping rod is especially useful when more than one person is using the loom. Two clipping rods are the preferred way to go so you can have one at the beginning of your weaving, and one at the end of your warp when you are ready to use a warp extension tube.

Watch this great video to see the clipping rod in action.

Now available in three sizes!

Piccolo — 16 inches

Standard — 21.75 inches fits 60 Series looms

Long — 23.25 inches fits 60 Series looms, designed for limited edition ready-made warps

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