SAORI Art Yarn Maker

SAORI Art Yarn Maker



This is a new tool to let you create one-of-a-kind SAORI Art Yarns with the bobbin winder on your SAORI loom!

  • With the SAORI Art Yarn Maker, express yourself freely and easily not just in your weaving, but also in your own, one-of-a-kind art yarns!

  • Have an Art Yarn making party with friends (the more the merrier) or by yourself.

  • Create unique SAORI Art Yarns that only you can make, to include as treasures in your SAORI Weaving.

All you need is this compact and versatile accessory tool, the bobbin winder on your SAORI loom and a table, shelf or other surface of similar height to your loom.

Be forewarned: art yarn making is quite addicting :)

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