SAORI Limited Edition Warp: Brown Wool

SAORI Limited Edition Warp: Brown Wool


SAORI Limited Edition Ready-Made Warps are designed for SAORI looms. The threads are pre-wound on a cardboard tube, which slides onto the warp roller. Sley the reed, thread the heddles, and you're ready to weave!

SAORI Limited Edition warps are ideal for those who have difficulty winding their own warp, don't have the equipment, or have yet to learn to wind their own warps.

As with all SAORI Limited Edition warps, when they're gone, they're gone!

This listing is for Item #: WR003

Color: Brown

Fiber Content: 100% wool

Warp Size: 200 threads x 6m (16 inches wide in a 5cm/12.5 reed)

Loom: Especially designed for the SAORI 60 Series of looms. Also fits the Piccolo!

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