SAORI Sojourners is a monthly study group that meets to discuss and learn from each other! Meetings may include readings, slideshows, demonstrations, etc. Group members will have an opportunity to share their discoveries.

The group will choose the topics to be explored. Here are some ideas to get us started:

  • weaving with recycled materials

  • weaving with a color outside your comfort zone

  • weaving with items found at the _____ store (hardware, thrift, dollar, etc.)

  • weaving a specific technique

  • weaving with only _____ color/s (one, opposite, analogous, etc.)

  • playing with weft

  • playing with warp

  • loose weaving

  • shaped weaving

  • weaving windows

  • the topics are endless!

Students can reserve Studio time or weave at home to explore the monthly topic; then bring their work to following month’s meeting.

Weaving with natural materials

Weaving with natural materials

We share new ideas with everyone in the group without hiding them. Each one of us inspires the other by sharing his or her new attempt. This way, we support each other in practicing the philosophy of SAORI Weaving. If you weave alone, it can be difficult for you to maintain
the courage to break with convention.
— Kenzo Jo