SAORI Loom Review

2 HOURS / Free

  • Pre-requisite: SAORI Loom Purchase

  • Upon request (at your convenience)


Maybe you purchased a SAORI loom, and need a refresher after you got it home? We’re here to help with:

  • Hanging and removing an inside set

  • Installing a warp extension tube

  • Using the clipping rod

  • Replacing a broken thread

  • Catching the cloth when the cloth roller is full

  • Removing the reed cap when you’re at the end of a warp (stingy warp)

  • Loom maintenance

  • Traveling with your loom

  • Any topic related to your loom you would like to go over so you’re more comfortable weaving at home.

Today, we can leave all the difficult labors to machines, and bring back the element of pleasure into our hands.
— Misao Jo