MORE Saori

$30.00 per student + MATERIALS

  • Pre-requisite: SAORI Intro Class

  • Upon request (at your convenience)

  • Register for More SAORI if you would like Studio time

  • Materials not included, and are based on the weight of the finished cloth


For those who have taken the SAORI Intro Class, why not continue your SAORI journey by developing a path of your own? Receive gentle guidance through various weaving processes:

  • More SAORI weaving techniques

  • Threading a pre-wound warp, at the table or at the loom (cost not included)

  • Designing and winding your own warp

  • Kenzo’s new way of warping

  • Making a garment from your SAORI cloth

When I was young, I didn’t realize that I had followed others… Then, one day… I became aware of the importance of developing a path of my own.
— Misao Jo