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After discovering SAORI Japanese freestyle weaving in 2011, it completely changed Karen’s life. The SAORI philosophy believes we all have an inherent sense of beauty within us (kansei), and that we should nurture that sense of ourselves creatively and joyfully.

Karen studied SAORI weaving with Mihoko Wakabayashi of SAORI Worcester, the first SAORI studio in the United States. She is committed to cultivating her personal SAORI journey by attending conferences, other SAORI sister studios, and special workshops with Kenzo Jo (Misao Jo’s third son) at SAORINOMORI in Japan.

Karen’s goal is to introduce children and adults to SAORI weaving as a tool for self- and spiritual discovery, inner healing, and releasing their hidden inner creativity.

Karen Pardee

Serendipity SAORI Studio / serendipitysaoristudio@gmail.com