2 HOURS / $15.00

Bring your pre-washed SAORI cloth (optional)


In this class, we will take a look at the process of using your handwoven cloth to create a garment from a SAORI pattern the SAORI way. Watch a demonstration, receive advice and hints! You will be guided in an easy to understand way.

We May DISCUSS how to:

  • Finish your cloth after weaving

  • Cut the cloth

  • Listen to the cloth and design with your feelings

  • Discuss different seam finishes, and when to use each one

This is not a sewing class, but rather more of a how to class; to build confidence and unleash your creativity! Even if you don’t have cloth, or have limited sewing skills, you can still participate, ask questions, and pick up tips!

Each month will be a different pattern from the SAORI Beginners Sewing Book. The first three will be:

  • Tuesday, May 7: Pattern 8 Square Neck Vest

    • Cloth requirements 4 yards x 8 inches

  • Tuesday, June 4: Pattern 2 Marguerite Cardigan

    • Cloth requirements 3 yards x 18 inches

  • Tuesday, July 2: Pattern 1 Placemat Vest

    • Cloth requirements 1.5 yards x 18 inches

sewing day.jpg

We just fold or gather parts of the fabric so that it will
elegantly fit the person who will be wearing it…
the process of trial and error will lead to interesting discoveries.
I would like you to find pleasure in this process.
— Misao Jo