After completing the SAORI Intro class, Serendipity SAORI Studio offers several project-based classes designed as a springboard to igniting your own creativity! Choose a project, select a date that fits your schedule, and request a Project Class online!

Cool Cross Windsock

Cool Cross Windsock

COOL CROSS Scarf / windsock

The Cool Cross is so much fun to weave! Once you have the little mantra down, it’s easy. The Cool Cross is woven flat and doesn’t become dimensional until it’s off the loom! How cool is that?

You can wear your finished weaving as a scarf, hang as a windsock, or incorporate the technique in cloth as a unique design element..

This project is woven on black ready-made warp.

Materials not included, and are based on the weight of the finished cloth.

Have the courage to adventure on a new attempt rather than putting your efforts into continuing the same thing. If you cannot push open the door, then pull it.
— Misao Jo