Inspired by my recent visit to Japan,


I have lots of ideas and techniques, and can't wait to share them with YOU!






SAORI Intro Class


"When encouraged, people can reflect their own originality and uniqueness in their work."—Misao Jo



The looms will be set up and ready for you to begin weaving within minutes! A variety of widths of pre-set warps will be available for you to choose from. You can take the one-day SAORI Intro Class as many times as you like. No experience is necessary. Come and weave for two hours, or the day. In 3-4 hours, you can weave your first scarf or shawl! 


Fee: $20 per day per person

Materials fee: $4/oz

Class hours: Monday through Saturday, 10am-4:30pm




SAORI Explorer Basic

"Each weaving can capture the present moment that we can never take back."

Misao Jo

For those who have taken the Intro Class, why not continue your SAORI journey? Learn to set up your own warp, create a project of your own design, and immerse yourself in joyful, freestyle weaving. Finish one or two projects, such as a bag, wall hanging, scarf, vest—the possibilities are endless!
Time:  Six 2-hour classes
Cost:  $180




SAORI Intensive


"We shall weave without restriction or restraint, weaving any way we like. It is a great pleasure to weave this way in possession of our true selves."—Misao Jo



If you would like to delve deeper into SAORI weaving, learn more techniques, tips, methods of warping, threading, and clothes-making, then please consider a SAORI Intensive Workshop.


An Intensive Workshop is arranged by appointment and is designed to help you to weave by yourself once you return home. We recommend this workshop for three days or more.


We can arrange an Intensive Workshop based on your schedule, experience, and needs. Please contact me to discuss in more detail a SAORI Intensive designed just for you! 




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Studio hours are Monday through Saturday, 10am-4:30pm,

with some Sunday hours available.


Blackout dates exist for previously scheduled shows and classes.


Please contact the Studio in advance to arrange your visit.



Call 315-673-0954,

or email serendipitysaoristudio@gmail.com

to begin your journey through peaceful weaving today!




We are a pet-friendly home.
Please let us know if you have any allergies.


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Schedule and class fees in effect until April 30, 2017.