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Serendipity SAORI Studio is an authorized SAORI equipment dealer.

SAORI looms are the most friendly looms available in the world. SAORI looms are simple and carefully designed so that everyone, including children, adults, and people with disabilities, can fully enjoy weaving by following easy instructions.

Most SAORI looms come with a built-in Bobbin Winder right on board, so the weaver does not need to get up when they need a new bobbin! You can even spin art yarn using a bobbin without a flange on the built-in Bobbin Winder!

The SAORI SX-60 and WX-60 looms are foldable; therefore they do not require the footprint of other floor looms. And because they are foldable, they are portable. You can take your SAORI with you to workshops or weave outside (en plein air)!

Another unique feature of the SAORI looms are the ready-made warps, which let weavers skip the warping process entirely, enabling new weavers to sit down at the loom and begin weaving immediately!

The SAORI warping board allows up to five threads to be warped at once, without the use of a traditional warping paddle, spool rack, etc., using just your thumb!

One of my favorite accessories of SAORI is the Cross Holder, which does just that: holds the cross and frees the use of both hands to sley the reed. You do not have to have a SAORI loom to reap the benefits of a SAORI Cross Holder: I have successfully used my Cross Holder on a LeClerc Nilus four harness loom.

Serendipity SAORI Studio carries SAORI looms, books, yarn, and equipment. Many SAORI items are in stock, or can be ordered. See the full catalogue of products from Japan.

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