SAORI Retreat

SAORI Retreat


“A weaving can capture the thoughts and feelings that we have at that time.” —Misao Jo

A SAORI Intensive is great for those who live too far from a studio to make regular class visits, to brush up on skills, or to assist in whatever way you need so you can weave comfortably by yourself once you return home.

An Intensive may cover:

  • warp and weft weaving techniques

  • threading a pre-wound warp, at the table or at the loom

  • designing and winding your own warp

  • Kenzo’s new way of warping

  • clothing design + construction

  • the possibilities are endless!

  • upon request at your own convenience

  • materials not included, and are based on the weight of the finished cloth

The SAORI Intensive Class is 12 hours of class instruction, usually spread over three days. Let’s arrange an Intensive based on your schedule, experience, and needs! Please contact me to discuss a SAORI Intensive designed just for you,

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Studio hours are Monday through Saturday, 10am-4:30pm, with some Sunday hours available.

Blackout dates exist for previously scheduled shows and classes. Please contact the Studio in advance to arrange your visit.

Call 315-673-0954 or email to begin your journey through peaceful weaving today!

We are a pet-friendly home. Please let us know if you have any allergies.