Project: Mobiüs Scarf

Project: Mobiüs Scarf

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This is a fun project to weave! A mobiüs (aka infinity) is a woven loop, with a magic way of weaving the warp (the up + down threads) back in as weft (the back + forth threads) to create a beautiful design element in the front of the scarf! There is no sewing involved.

Warp Options available at registration include:

  • weave on a black ready made warp (this option is always available)

  • learn to wind and thread your own warp; then weave your project (additional time required)

  • for an additional fee and advance notice, the Studio will wind a warp (you may choose a color family)

  • pre-req: SAORI Start from Scratch Class

  • upon request at your own convenience

  • materials not included, and are based on the weight of the finished cloth

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Warp Option:
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