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"We can leave all the difficult labors to machines, and bring back the element of pleasure into our hands." –Misao Jo



Two SAORI sisters have recently inspired me to think more deeply on the SAORI philosophy.



The first was a blog post by Kaz at SAORI Curiousweaver. She mentioned she was getting ready to teach a workshop where students would learn many techniques, clothing design, etc. But she was also going to incorporate "looking more closely at the Saori philosophy and approach to weaving."



student work


The Saori approach to weaving. Hmmm.


Last week after I blogged a SAORI loom love note, Bobbi posted, "All the many little things that have gently revolutionized this ancient craft. And add to that the Slogans, which are the Operating Instructions for Life (emphasis mine). Oh yeah, and they work with weaving, too!" (I can just hear you saying this. Love you, Bobbi)!



student work


Turning to the "Operating Manual," I thought maybe it's time to revisit the words of our SAORI founder, Misao Jo.


The first slogan of the SAORI philosophy is:  "Consider the differences between a machine and a human being." I can remember the first time I discovered SAORI on the internet and immediately ordered the book, Self-Discovery Through Free Weaving (now out of print). 



student work



The very day the SAORI book arrived, I read it from cover to cover. It was nourishment for my creative soul. I hadn’t realized how thirsty I was; and I drank it all in. 



student work


Misao discovered the beauty of flaws by happy accident.  "…why don't I make flaws on purpose? If I do so, my weaving pieces would have a hand-made quality."



student work


Before SAORI, I was a perfectionist and control freak, not just in my weaving, but all areas of my life. Everything had to be just right. And when it wasn't, there was a lot of frustration, confusion, and anger. SAORI has taught me it's all okay. I can let go. I can accept my human-ness. And I'm learning to see the beauty in my imperfections.




What do you think is the difference between machines and humans? What are the qualities you admire in handwoven cloth? Has this slogan had an influence on your life? What does this slogan mean to you? Feel free to post a comment. I will be sharing more on the other slogans in future posts.


You never know when you say or write something how it will inspire another individual. Thank you Misao-san, Kaz, and Bobbi! 






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