Marking Time 8.4.16


"There is a morning inside you waiting to burst open into Light."—Rumi



My favorite week of the year…fiber camp!


Tucking in treasures



Oshibana (pressed flower) bookmarks



The kids really got into using the Saori cone winding tool to create unique, one of a kind yarns for their weaving. Their combinations were mind blowing!



Sample of cone winding one-of-a-kind yarn



Weaving rainbows



Bobbins created with the cone winding tool



My name in Japanese



Origami balloons



Cloth building up on the cloth roller



Frida trying her hand at spinning cre-ito



Color and texture



Kumihimo bracelets in progress



Kumihimo bracelets



Shibori t-shirts with Bengala dye



It takes longer to take out all the rubber bands than to put them in!






Hung in the sun to dry



Back in the Studio to release the cloth from the loom!



Fantastic weaving, everyone!



Draping…what will it be?



We'll finish up tomorrow, but thanks for a great week. Hope to see you again next year!




How fun! I have used the

How fun! I have used the bobbin winder many times to ply unusual combinations of yarn. It always makes for interesting cloth.

Lovely children

What a blessing to have the enthused charming girls at fiber camp karen! Hugs to you and them for a full fibery lovely week!


I like all the things like that. I need to know some information to learn how to do it. That would be so fine for me.

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