Marking Time 3.7.16


"Our ancestors dwell in the attics of our brains as they do in the spiraling chains of knowledge hidden in every cell of our bodies." —Shirley Abbott



Last week wound down with the completion of the banner project at the local elementary school. It was an amazing five weeks of weaving--always the fastest hour of the day/the fastest month of the year. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work with the kids and introduce them to no-mistakes SAORI weaving!


And for some special news: Every year for the past five years, Mrs. Barry, the art teacher I work with, has coordinated an art display at Crouse Hospital in Syracuse. It's a lot of work! She single-handedly goes through and selects the best artwork and frames each piece. This year I am so honored she choose two of the banners from last year to be on permanent display! There is an Opening Reception this Friday, and the space and all the artwork is going to be dedicated to Mrs. Barry's father who passed away two years ago. I hope many patients and family members will find happiness and comfort in the new gallery space, which will also have a garden. A healing space. Filled with color. Life. Enthusiasm. Hope!




Back at the Studio, Janet contacted me a few weeks back to schedule a weaving date. Her mom had recently passed away, and she wanted to return to the Studio to do another of what she calls, "ancestor weaves." She also asked if she could weave it on the all-white ready-made warp (available here and here). Janet usually brings bits and pieces of clothing, a favorite coat or tie, something that provides a connection to her special person. When she came on Saturday, she thought of the colors that reminded her of her mom and dad (who had passed some time ago), and brought some scraps of wool to tuck in as treasure. And she brought their wedding rings! 


I showed Janet how to do two clasped weft, and working with her color scheme, she joined the rings together (more tears as I'm typing this), and tied them with a piece of kimono silk. With other pieces of wool shaped like petals, I showed her how to tuck them in to make flowers. What a perfect meditation cloth for her altar!




Meanwhile, Pam was reminiscing about the holiday both their families took together last August to the Adirondacks. She re-created the hills, lakes, woods, and the peaceful remembrance of shared times. The photo of the finished piece came out too blurry; so Pam, if you are reading this, please send me one!




Now that the weaving project is done at the school, I had a little time to add some novelty cone yarns to the shop. Please have a look!


Happy weaving!




thank you!

I wish there was a place to to give you feedback or reviews about your workshops! Today was my third visit and I wanted to thank you for your gracious hospitality. Every time our group comes we learn new techniques and have fun with all your tools and treasures. We also enjoy a day away and the beautiful scenery.
Thank you!!

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