Marking Time 2.5.16


"Every day we ought to review our purpose…" –Thomas Kempis



The Week in Review


Gail, a local high school art teacher, was in my adult knitting group. We've wanted to get together and weave for a long time. Last Friday teachers had a half-day, and that provided the perfect opportunity. She came to the studio and brought her student teacher, Sarah, with her!




It was snowing and blowing outside, but we were toasty warm, weaving by the fire, and enjoying the Saori connection between hand-heart-cloth-friends.


Nettie came for a day of weaving in early January. She spotted my handspun / handwoven poncho and asked to try it on. The colors and style were so perfect, it was as if I created it with her in mind! Early week brought her back to the Studio, when she decided to treat herself for her 70th birthday. Happy, happy birthday, Nettie. Rock on in your Saori poncho!




Then it was back to school for the third year of our fourth grade weaving project. Almost one hundred kids will each have a turn at the loom over the next 4-5 weeks. The fifth graders get so excited to see me coming with my looms, as they were the class to weave last year. One little girl stopped to say hello and tell me she loved weaving so much she got two looms for Christmas! I asked her if she's woven anything, and she said she made some potholders. (I still have my potholder loom from when I was about her age! Do you know how many times that little loom has moved with me all these years?) Our journeys have intertwined. It will be fun to see where the thread leads!




Hope you had a good week living your fibery purpose!




PS I'm slowing posting some shop updates…new ready-made warps, and soon to come cone yarns. Thanks so much for visiting!



This makes me I wish I lived

This makes me I wish I lived closer! I have another friend (or 2) that wants to come for a workshop. I am not fond of driving or riding in snow, so I am recommending we wait until Spring--but they may not be so patient.

Laurie, We haven't had much

Laurie, We haven't had much snow this winter, and the groundhog says we're due for an early Spring. Come on up and bring your friends. We'll have an amazing weaving experience! Fleece, Karen

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