Marking Time 1.27.14


"O, she misused me past the endurance of a block," –William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing



Much to the dismay of the rest of my family, I'm not one to watch a bunch of guys in tights and helmets chase a ball around a field and crack heads.





I would rather tackle a knitting project or spin yarn for tights and helmets than be glued to a T.V. set. 






Blocking is something I do when I finish a garment to shape and smooth my knitting.





I love to whoop and holler when one of my fellow yarnies scores a great deal on fiber, and brings it to the studio for show and tell.






A "touch down" for me is sinking my hands into some camel, yak, or cashmere!





If you are on the same team, you are welcome to come to the Studio on Sunday, February 2 for the first annual (?) Yarn Bowl Sunday!





If you love to spin or have wanted to learn, bring your spinning wheel, drop spindle, fiber, or whatever fibery goodness strikes your fancy, and spend an afternoon relaxing, spinning, and knitting. (I have extra drop spindles and fiber for those that want to give it a try).





Spin off time is 1-4pm. 


Please RSVP, as refreshments will be served!





yarn bowl sunday

Hi Karen,
I absolutely feel the same. Great post! I might be able to join in, but have to see how things pan out before I confirm.

Would love to have you; hope

Would love to have you; hope it will work out!

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